Honda Day part 3 Race Edition

This year I went to the Eibach meet in California, I was in Nashville for Import Alliance, and finally i was in Jersey for Honda Day. The reason why Honda Day is my Favorite out of all 3 major Honda related events is the Drag Racing. I can say that for a majority of us we all got into the car scene because of some form of drag racing whether it be on the track or in the streets, drag racing is the spark behind most of us I think. Honda Day never ceases to amaze me when it comes to seeing fast cars, when ever Honda day comes around you are guaranteed to see 8,9,10 second cars running almost all day. I can only speak for myself but I really enjoy watching evenly matched cars go head to head and the only thing that seperates the two are either tenths or hundredths of a second. Well enough about me here is the coverage I have.

Here are the cars lined up ready to go.

Team Tunnel Vision Racings ITB’d K hatch

This is Norris Prayoonto’s Civic Si Clutch Masters All Motor race car. Norris has been drag racing for 15+ years and has over 70 career wins, If im not mistaken this car is already well into the 9’s.

Next up is another car from the Prayoonto racing team, this Integra is driven by Jonathan Reynolds. This car is said to push out 1000+HP and considering it runs consistent 8s I believe it.

Here are some action shots of the Integra.

I love the whole look of this race car probably the best looking one in my opinion but i am biased toward Integra’s 🙂

ive seen people run low tire pressure but DAMN!

NRG Techs Hatchback engine setup. If you happen to see any car that has a NRG Tech logo on it chances are you’re going to be seeing some low numbers.

Tennis anyone?

Been a while since ive seen this paint job on any car, this civic pulls it off.

Some Random shots from the pits.

Well that concludes my coverage of Honda Day 2010. Keep your eyes open for some local New England meet coverage this week.


About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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