Honda Day 2010 Englishtown pt.1

This is my second year attending Honda day in Englishtown, The last time i went was in 2008. All I can say is that this year was one not to miss! Not only were there some Fresh2Death cars, but the party atmosphere with everyone one blasting music from the trunks was really cool. I got there kind of late this time and i had to park somewhere in the grass because by the time I got there 3 large parking lots were filled, Just the parking lot itself looked like a car show. During the long walk through the parking lot all i could hear were cars doing burn outs and making passes down the track, its kind of an exciting walk lol. Its hard not to get overwhelmed by everything that’s going on, so i just pretty much stayed focused on taking pictures of the cars I thought were photo worthy.

So here are some of my Favorite cars of the day, If you want check out the full coverage you can see it on the Face Book fan page:!/pages/Fresh2DeathRIcom/123208024392548?ref=sgm

Loving this hatch, BYS wing and Mugen RNR’s. Call it a day! well a BYS lip couldn’t hurt haha but who knows how long it would last with all the pot holes.

I really liked the BBS’s on this coupe, ive never seen them with Copper bolts and center caps.

I’m liking every aspect of this car! Two Thumbs up all day

I wonder if this guy is a sneaker head? hmmmmm

I’m not a big fan of the Diamond Racing wheels but this Rick Ross White on White coupe is starting to change my mind.

Makoa Scooters came out in full effect with the Ruckus’s, if im not mistaken these were all for sale. I wouldnt mind cruising on one of these hmmmm..

Team NSU brought out their Honda Tuning Featured Wagovans. These cars are looking tough!

Godzilla stopped by for a little bit, luckily everyone stayed calm and no one ran for their lives haha

Ummm im not sure what to say about the car itself… BUT I loved the wheels so much I just blocked out the mess above it lol

The Finish on these RPF’s is real nice. I’m not crazy about black cars, but this one I love.

This Prelude looks like it came straight out of 1986! I’m loving the period correct Mugen CF48’s with the original Discs.

I heard a lot of people confusing this car with a Honda CVCC, but it’s actually an early Honda 600 sedan. If you think this is small look up a Honda 600 coupe, its like half the size lol. Anyway this was the first time ive seen one in person and it was definitely nice to see people preserving Honda’s history.

This Type R belongs to a New Englander from Mass. Ive seen this car go through its phases, i remember when it was just black LHD with a JDM front end and some Gram Lights. Now its full-blown Tuck and Shave, Compete color change,RHD conversion, BYS bumper, and my personal favorite the Mag Blue TE-37’s. I can keep going with all the mods he’s done but ide be here all day, im not sure what else could possibly be done.

Yes! your eyes do not fool you, these are probably one of the first sets of the new Spoon wheels on the east coast. I’m definitely feeling them i cant wait to see these wheels on more cars.

That’s it for now, I’ll have part 2 up pretty soon.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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