HIN Boston 2010 part 1

I know this is a bit late but I just uploaded my coverage of HIN Boston from May that was actually held at the New England Dragway in New Hampshire. Yeah Boston is in Massachusetts and its over an hour away, but i guess its close enough. Right? HaHa Anyway it was a 2 day event and i went on the first night, The second day was a lot busier from what i heard but this is what i got.

Here were some clean hatches from the Clean Image crew if i’m not mistaken. The Midori hatch had a white roof which was interesting.

I wish i had more pics of this car, Its not really my cup of tea but it had like a polished aluminum paint job and I’ve never seen anything like that. very eye catching paint.

One of my personal favorites from the show was this real 96-98 CTR on Yellow Te-37s.

I thought this Challenger was cool im not crazy about the spoke design on the wheels but its the first one ive seen wide bodied and it had what looked to be a hand fabbed intake manifold with a super charger, so it must be putting down a good amount of power.

S-Class Benz BLING BLAO! haha very nice

Believe it or not this is an Acura Integra, you can see the Boosted B-series  under the hood. Definitely a lot of labor in this car, ive seen this car evolve over the years with different wheels, paint schemes and other minor details.

This Nissan Hard Body had an SR-20 set-up that would leave any 240-sx owner drooling, I don’t even own a Nissan and I know my mouth was left a bit moist HaHa

This Galant was Fresh2Death, Ive never seen ANY Mitsubishi with a tucked and shaved bay. Unfortunately from what i can see it’s mainly a show car, but im sure if he steps on the gas it will go like a bat out of hell.

This was nice, you don’t see to many Si-R coupes around here especially with the Si-R optional rear lip. With some non replica wheels this could really be a Fresh2Death car.

This “Ratted” Civic was awesome! This car had a lot of little details that you really had to take time to just sit there and stare to notice them all. My favorite part of the car aside from that super aerodynamic front visor is the suicide doors.

Vise Grip window handles lol

Some Pabts anyone?


Poor kitty had to give its life to upholster this car HaHA

Thats all i have for now, stay tuned for more coverage


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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