Ford Civic SI???

I found this great article  on about a guy from Canada that debadged his Civic SI and put on a whole bunch of Ford and Capri RS badges on every part of the car.  After he did this he put the Civic into an All Ford show, he managed to fool the people who put on the show by claiming that the car was a Rare European Ford Capri RS, He even went as far to put “Cosworth 2.0 DOHC” on the engine cover. The Attention to detail on every ford badge is crazy, this guy put a lot of effort into fooling all the Ford guys really funny stuff EHHH!

Here is the link.

Here Are some pics.

Ford SVT hahaha that looks so weird ( look closely for the Extra hose)


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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