Import Alliance Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Import Alliance coverage. I went to both days of the meet and i still didn’t get to see every car. They claim to have had 4800 cars and 7000 people and I believe it. The only thing that kind of bothered me a little about the meet was seeing RHD or quality cars on Replica wheels. To me if you have replica wheels it’s whatever, if that’s your thing go ahead it’s not my thing, But I believe that if you have a lot of quality parts on your car and its RHD you should dish out the extra $$’s for some “real” wheels and I saw a lot of this going on. Anyway here is some more coverage of the meet. enjoy and stay FRESH!

Seeing a Veilside NSX in person was crazy, these are real hard to come by. it’s not every day some one drops 11 Thousand dollars on just a body kit. The body shop that pieced the kit together did an awesome job. Fresh 2 Death for sure!

This RHD Type R looked like it just rolled off the show room in Japan. I give props to this guy for keeping the car what looks to be completely stock.

This VW bug was really cool, and all the extra props like the surf board and keg really set off the whole look.

This coupe gets the Sleeper award, from the outside looks like a pretty stock SI im not sure if it s real SI, but the engine set up looks pretty mean. Not exactly something you wanna pull up next to on the street or the strip.

There is just something I love about bug eye wagons. The wheel choice was perfect, definitely a Fresh Subaru.

This is the first 370 ive seen that had some work done to it. Good looking body kit, and RE-30s i say call it a day!

I love the whole look of this RHD S13 convertible. this car was the whole package tucked bay, Equips and a nasty stance. Fresh 2 Death all day

This RSX validates the reason why i love Starks. 2 thumbs up on this

It’s not everyday you see an Accord Wagon state side.

I don’t know what else this guy could have done to this TL. WOW is all I have to say.

Stanced Volvo 740, not something you see everyday. I LIKE for sure.

Cant wait to see when this thing gets some paint


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