Import Alliance 2010 Pt.1

This past week i was in Tennessee for the 5th year of the Import Alliance meet at the Nashville Super Speedway. This meet was absolutely amazing, having the meet at the Nascar speedway was incredible. This was my first year attending so i was really surprised when i saw the amount of cars that showed up.

I dont have a fancy camera just a point and shoot and  a 8mp camera phone. Here is some coverage of the meet just some of my personal favorites.
Bracelets for the weekend

This Integra was interesting, it had a really nice stance but i guess some how he ripped off the bottom half of his bumper! talk about slammed.

This NSX was really nice, Super Charged with some Work Wheels and really nice color to make it pop. This was my top 10 of meet.

This CRX was kind of hidden in the parking lot but its a really FRESH car, Real M7s, Wire Tuck, Custom Grey paint and much more cant get better than this.

I first saw this Green Hatch at the Eibach Honda Meet and i couldnt snap a good shot when i was there because of the crowd around it, this is a super Fresh EH hatch with a single cam turbo fully tucked, with fully polished Gabs. This car is definitely F2D material.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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